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Fibreglass Water Features & Ponds to Grace Any Garden or Patio

If you've ever visited a garden centre then you've seen our world class natural rock-like fibreglass water features. Our amazingly natural looking water features are now available countrywide using the amazing reach and power of the Internet. Call us 083-406-1677.

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See a stunning and wide range of superior natural looking water features made in Pretoria. Range includes self contained (or recirculating) water features, waterfalls and streams in ground and above ground ponds as well as a range of garden accessories. Click here for directions

Self Contained Features

Self contained water features, made in lightweight fibreglass materials, can be placed easily wherever you like. Self contained refers to the fact that the unit consists of a pond and a cascading (waterfall) feature all built into a self standing unit

Ease of Installation

All the products in the range are lightweight yet extremely strong making transport, handling and installation very easy. The design and appearance resemble natural rock like structures. Products are completely resistant to weathering, frost and UV light

One of Our Many Water Features

Oribi Falls Summary of Our range We have a water feature to suit all pockets, all gardens and all tastes.
Choose from: In-ground ponds, above-ground ponds, self standing streams and waterfalls for use on existing ponds, large, medium or small self contained or re-circulating water features.
Be amazed by our lightweight, amazingly strong natural-looking boulders (you have to see the rocks to truly appreciate natural realism of the lightweight rocks and boulders we make

The image shown here is one of our top selling water features.

Product Development

Our first products were made some 20 years ago and since then we have gone on to export our water features worldwide. Our products have received international recognition including being judged the number 1 exhibit in the water gardening section at the prestigious GLEE trade show held annually in the UK. We continue to export to the world's number one water gardening company based in Germany. This company re-exports our products worldwide

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Hailea Pump Pond Liner Pond Liner

We are the number 1 online seller of pond and water gardening products. Our world class range includes: pond liner, pond and fountain pumps, biofilters, UV lights, algae control products, pond vacuums and much more. Visit our online shop. Click Here.

Giving You More... for FREE

We specialize in water gardening and pond keeping. We provide expert advice totally free of charge and encourage people to discuss their needs with us before buying. Prospective buyers can feel relaxed in seeking our expert advice without our requiring any commitment whatsoever.

Come and visit Fibre Features and take a walk around our beautiful gardens, water features and wild surroundings with no obligations to purchase at all... Below is a selection of pictures from the Fibre Features nursery:

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